1)      What do we list
We list the very latest news on which film and television dramas are in development or moving into pre-production in the USA and Canada.
2)      What contact info does USA Production News provide?
Our report lists direct email contacts for producers, line producers, UPM’s, coordinators and production emails. The contact info that is provided depends on the individual project, however we strive to list at least two direct production contacts for each project.
3)  What is the Newsletters publication schedule?
USA Production News is available for immediate download to new subscribers as a ‘.pdf’ file. Each Monday our Weekly report is sent to subscriber’s email address automatically. Our publication schedule depends upon which date of the week a major holiday falls. We aim to provide annually up to 50 weekly reports, and on occasion during pilot season we’ll include a supplementary report as information changes.
In regard to our Monthly round up and newsletter, we strive to publish and dispatch on or before the 18th of each month (depending on whether this date falls at the weekend or a public holiday).
4)  Sound great, how do I subscribe?

It’s easy, just:
 (a)  Click on the Subscribe link 

 (b)  Then choose the option of either the Weekly or Monthly publications (the Weekly report is sent on a Monday and the Monthly version on or before the 18th if this falls as a working day).

 (c)  Then enter your email address in the ‘Standard Payment’ box and click ‘subscribe’. This will take you to PayPal® where you can pay via credit card or PayPal® account.

 (d)  Once you have paid, you will be directed back to a page where you can download the current report on the USA Production News site.  NOTE: subscriptions continue until you cancel, see #6 below.

If you have a promo code (see #5 below), use the “Promo Payment” box, enter your code in the appropriate Weekly or Monthly selection, enter your email address and click subscribe. Again, after payment you’ll be directed back to download the current report.
5)  How do “Promo Codes” work?
At various times we offer potential subscribers special rates via ‘promo codes’. Users might find them through our Twitter campaigns or by liking to our page on Facebook. These may include a first time discount for new subscribers.
Once a subscriber has received a code, it is simply a matter of subscribing as described in #4 above.
6)  How do I put on hold or cancel my subscription?
To modify (change from Weekly to Monthly or back), or end your subscription, click the Unsubscribe link on the bottom of the Subscribe page.  Then login to your PayPal® account and go to My Profile > My money > My pre-approved payments to cancel your subscription. NOTE: You alone control your subscription via PayPal®. You can subscribe or unsubscribe as needed.
7)  I am a Subscriber but I am not getting my report/Newsletter as promised, help!

Once we have received notice from PayPal of your subscription you are added to the email database. However, we appreciate that unfortunately, many Internet Service Providers (ISP) automatically filter mail to stop spam. 
If you are expecting a newsletter and it isn’t in your inbox, please check your spam folder or trash. Also, if you add our email address  “@usaproductionnews.com” to your address book it should force the ISP to pass on our email. 
Lastly, if these steps do not resolve your issue, please email us back and we’ll work to resolve your problem (often we’ll suggest using a different email account such as Gmail to receive the report).
Please note that if we are experiencing issues reaching you by email, we might send an email from one of our own secondary accounts such as usaprodnews@gmail.com in the hope of bypassing any spam filter that might be effecting our normal email addresses.
8)  I received your email but the report won’t open, the file has a ‘.dat’ suffix, not ‘.pdf’.
Your Newsletter is sent as a '.pdf' file. Please note that sometimes, because of Mac compatibility issues etc., it might be converted to a '.dat' file. If this happens, please try the following:
(a)  Save the file and change the File Extension from ‘.dat ‘ to ‘ .pdf ‘ and accept the change when asked.
        As an example, if you receive the file and you can tell that it is a Winmail.dat file, please  
        save it to your desktop and change the file name as per the following example:
        USPN_WA_20141224.dat     becomes     USPN_WA_20141224.pdf
(b)  Use an online converter tool
Try a site such as winmail-dat.com (however it does not always work).
9)  What is the privacy policy?
USA Production News and its partners respect your privacy. Generally you may browse through this site without giving any information about yourself. If you do, any information you may provide such as e-mail address may be used to fulfil your requested for information, products, services and/or to update you on any product announcement or any other information you may wish to have.
USA Production News does not generally provide any personal information that you have provided to third parties. On occasion we do use other companies to provide services on our behalf such as mailing and delivery services. On these occasions we will only provide these companies with information essential to the provision of this service and they are prohibited from using that information for any other purpose.
10)  How do I get my production listed?
Producers, do you have a project you'd like listed?  Please email linda@usaproductionnews.com with the following:

Shoot Date
Cast (if any)
Line Producer/UPM
Production Company
Network or Studio
Your listing must include a production resume/contact email.